Welcome to Reception!
Staff members in Reception are Mrs Donaldson, Mrs Mallaburn and Mrs Poulton.  
In our early years unit we recognise the importance of building our curriculum around the interests of the children we teach.  Staff use their daily observations, discussions with the children and our regular links with parents to plan topics which interest, engage and inspire our very youngest children!
We value transition and Reception staff work daily with the Nursery class in school.  We also regularly visit our feeder nurseries to ensure the transition to 'big school' is as seam-less and stress free as possible. 
We have very much enjoyed our recent transition sessions.  They have been a brilliant opportunity for staff to get to know children and find our particular interests, helping us plan for our September topics.  See the photos below to see the activities the children have been trying out.
Watch this space for more information about our class, our curriculum, our adventures and, most importantly, our learning!
Transition Tuesday Two!
In our second transition session the Nursery children continued to explore the Reception classroom!  They showed lots of interest in writing activities so we practised our mark making and letter formation skills on the whiteboard.  The children also asked for the dinosaurs and the dolls house - we will definitely be planning a dinosaur topic for next year!
Information about Reception...
We have created a 'Welcome to Reception' booklet to share information about what to expect when your child enters Reception. We hope you find this useful, we will hand out copies of this and give further explanation at our 'Welcome to Reception' meeting on Wednesday the 10th of July at 9am.  
Please also find a copy of our proposed September timetable which will give you an idea of when different activities take place.  Please note that children will work outdoors every day!
Please see information below from our recent parent meeting 'Helping your child succeed in Reception'.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.