SMSC in action!

I am thrilled to say that we have been awarded the silver SMSC Quality Mark. During the verification visit our children described our school as: happy, amazing, fantastic, kind, and caring! Our verifier, Sandra Saint, praised our school, witnessed joy on the faces of our children and said our school was calm and welcoming. She praised our work on mental health and gave us some great ideas for the future.
 SMSC (Spirtual, Moral, Social and Cultural) development is at the heart of what we do at Amble First School. We have a broad curriculum to allow children to find and develop their strengths and interests. We recognise the potential of every child to achieve personal excellence and enjoyment in learning. This is underpinned by our school values of 'respect, happiness and growth.'

Amble First School recognises that the spiritual, moral, social and cultural element of students’ education is crucial to their development as an individual and to allow them to be an active member of our community and a wider society. 


SMSC is fundamental in preparing students to live in and contribute to a successful society. Our children are allowed opportunities to reflect on their own opinions and beliefs and are taught to respect those with different religions and ways of life. Everyone is valued equally. 


We believe children need to gain an understanding of the wider world around them. We regularly have educational visits to support this. Our most recent have been a Year 4 residential visit to Ford Castle and a KS1 visit to Warkworth Castle. 


Our children are encouraged to take an active role in decision making and the successful running of our school. Our School Council members are democratically chosen and help us to make school decisions. Our Puffin Patrollers also help us with the day to day running of the school.


We hope you enjoy looking at our 'SMSC in action' photographs!

We run a range of before and after school clubs and we will hopefully be adding a STEM club in the near future.
Our provision includes a breakfast club and an after school club with a different theme each night. We also have many sports clubs including Alnwick Bears, football, gymnastics and rounders. We also run handwriting, spelling and maths club. We aim to provide a wide variety of clubs to meet a variety of interests and needs.
Other clubs we have had (and may run again) have been school newspaper and busy club (a mixture of drama, science, board games and singing).