Year Four

Welcome to Year 4!
What a super first week we've had! Everyone has come into school smartly, sensibly and ready to learn.  Year 4 have demonstrated that they are able to follow the new routines and systems, and are ready to start their Year 4 journey.
Below is a copy of the "Welcome to Key Stage 2" booklet. You should find everything that you need to know about Year 4 from daily routines, to PE kits and home learning. 
If you have any questions, you can telephone school on 01665 710388 or email me directly at
I'm really looking forward to working with Year 4, it's going to be a great year!
Dawn Hunter
First week back fun!
We have been super busy busy in our art lessons. We have been learning about the work of expressionist painter Edvard Munch and we used his work "The Scream" to create our own paintings. 
In English we have been working with author Luke Temple. He has sent us a series of video links for us to work through his "writing masterclass", where we have learnt how to create tension and suspense in our writing.
Year 4 have thoroughly enjoyed their lessons and have produced some fantastic writing. Here is a sample of some of their work.
Aaron H
The TNT Room
Felix froze dead on the spot. Her heart pounded as she slowly entered the TNT room. Slowly, one of the TNT's rose up into the air and shot towards her like a rocket. She dodged it! But suddenly all the TNT's shot towards her ...
Zane entered the mansion and saw a library. He glanced into the library and flinched as the books on the shelves started to fall like dominoes. Zane entered the second floor by a tiny dark elevator. Lights were flickering like it was being hacked ...
Casper's heart was pounding as he went into the secret room. There was dust everywhere. Casper froze solid as a creepy spider crawled up his leg...
Felix's heart thudded as she opened the door. She glared at the huge nothingness. She was sure the door said "Bath" - so Felix was very confused. Suddenly, she saw a pool of water dyed the most suspenseful colour. Black. The Felix realised where she was. A GIANT BATH! 
The Window Room
Polly gasped when she saw how bright it was. She covered her eyes in surprise. Her skin prickled with the burning heat.
I crept into the master bedroom. Two zombies were snoring in my mam and dad's bed. The zombies woke up and glared at me ...
Felix plundered into the sewer room. She tensed as the horrible waft slowly made its way through the room. It bounced from wall to wall. She fainted.
Jack J
I walked in with horror and confusion, seeing a snakes and ladders board. In the blink of an eye, one snake flung itself at me like a bullet out of a gun!
If you would like to find out more about Luke Temple then click on the link below.
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Hans Christian Andersen
In English we have been reading and acting out texts written by Hans Christian Andersen. Click on the link below to listen to some of the stories he has written. It might help you with one of your Learning Log tasks!
The Rock Showman
We had an incredible time with Steve and Helen from the Rock Showman. Check out our fabulous photos, see how much we learned!
Punctuation Power!!!
Have you ever wondered where you are going wrong with punctuating your writing? Then watch Year 4 as they tell you all about it!