Year Three

Some more information on supporting your child's learning during the school closures:
Times tables

In Year 3, children should be working on their 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables (though they can work on others as well). 


White Rose are bringing out lessons to use at home with videos and resources. These resources look fantastic!


This teacher is offering a new maths lesson for Year 3 and 4 every day, available from 9am.


Maths Frame has a variety of free games for practising different maths skills. Be aware that this link is aimed at all of KS2, so some of it will be things not taught yet at Year 3!  


Maths Train is a fun way to practise mental adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.


If you can find out about how to measure length and perimeter, that would be great!  

This website has a range of maths activities.



This is the perfect time for lots of reading (books, comics, the back of the cereal packet!) Don't forget to read to your children, no matter how old they are.

 The official Neil Gaiman website for younger readers is super. There's lots to see there, and the videos section even includes videos of him reading a whole story book.

Michael Rosen's website has some super videos of him reading his poems :

These sites allow you to sign up for free access to books online:

 Here is a list of 100 books recommended for Year 3 and 4 children:

 This website has some Literacy activities.



Click on the links on this page to find words to practise and games to try: 


The following links cover the Year 3 science topics we have completed but it would be very useful to revisit them. Our next unit will be animals including humans. 

Light and shadow

 The Royal Institution has a series of short films making it fun, easy and cheap to do science experiments at home with children.



 And magnets:

 This website has a range of Science activities. Follow the links at the top to additional activities relating to health and environmental, life and computer skills:


Twinkl have made loads of resources accessible. Just click on the parents hub.

The Scholastic website has two weeks worth of activities available for free, including reading and educational videos. It is from the USA, but is still a great resource.

 Starfall is another site from the USA but with loads of great resources including Maths and Literacy games and books to read. You have to subscribe for full access, but a number of them are free.

 Collins are providing their Key Stage 2 Maths and English workbooks for free. They include things taught at Years 4, 5 and 6 as well as Year 3, so don't panic!

They also have a range of other resources available:

 The Literacy Shed is providing free Literacy resources for Key Stage 2

We hope these are of use!
Mrs Forsey
Dear Families,
We hope you are all staying well, and finding the home learning useful.
Future home learning will be shared in our Google classroom, which is accessible through School360. We will add new resources and materials day by day. It is all optional - if something needs to be printed and this isn't possible, just choose another activity! I have just added a wellbeing pack for children to have a go at.
We will stay in touch, and please do email if you have any questions. 
Mrs Forsey
Dear Families,
I hope you are all safe and well as we all adjust to what is going on right now.  A lot has changed in such a short period of time, which will no doubt be as unsettling to the children as it is to many of us.  I hope that when you read this you will let your children know that we are still here for them and thinking about them, albeit from a distance.  I have been posting a little message each day on School 360 to check in with the children and say hello- they will see this on their home page when they log on. 
You will have all received home learning packs on Friday and children have probably attempted a fair few activities by now.  I have uploaded a copy of the pack onto this page now and would like to point out that there are now a few extra links at the bottom to a wider variety of learning activities which you can access for free.  Please don't feel you need to be replicating a school day.  I recommend doing small chunks of learning with regular breaks for fresh air and playtime.  Every child will cope differently in the circumstances- it may take time to settle into a routine that works for you all. 
I have recently created an online task entitled 'My Learning Journey' in our Google Classroom, which would be a good way of sharing the lovely work and activities your child has been doing.  It is a Google Slides presentation which is very similar to Microsoft PowerPoint and works much the same.  Children might like to use it to write (type) a diary of their time, or simply insert pictures of any work they have done in their workbooks or activities they have done in the garden etc.  The great thing about this is I will be able to see each child's presentation from my computer and give some written feedback/praise/support. 
To access this task, children need to log in to School 360 and click on 'classroom' on their home screen.  In our 'year 3' classroom, in the 'classwork' area they will find the 'My Learning Journey' file.  Please note- if children are working on a tablet/iPad they may need to download the Google Classroom app. 
Please get in touch if you need some support with anything- we have provided our email addresses on the learning packs.  
Best Wishes,
Kelly Graham 
Welcome to Year 3!
Mrs Forsey and Mrs Graham are the Year 3 teachers. 
Mrs Durham and Miss Taylor are the Year 3 teaching assistants.
You can see our curriculum map and weekly timetable for 2019-20 below.
Every year, we take part in a range of inspiring activities. We will visit Hadrian's Wall in Spring for the Romans topic. We join in with Parliament Week and even get the chance to try on some real wigs! As well as our Christmas and Easter performances, we try the Easter Experience at St Cuthbert's Church. In Summer the Children's Countryside Day at Glendale Showground is great fun. Every term we also have our own Key Stage 2 beach days.
Autumn 2019 sees us start off with our World War II topic, and we took part in an exciting (and rainy) trip to Blyth Battery on 24th September.
Below you can see some evacuee letters, and group work, from the topic.