Year Three

How fabulous are these wintry poems? Year 3 are amazing poets in and out of school.  Well done!
Dear families,
As you know things are fairly different this year, and sadly things like drop-ins and class assemblies are becoming a bit of a distant memory.  We are thinking of ways to keep you in the loop regarding what we are doing in class and are aiming to share some of our learning here on our class page.  The children have been working on lots of exciting, creative activities and I'm sure they would love to have a wider audience for their work! 
So to kick things off, below is a short video of the children's first attempts at making flipbook animations. We are learning about animation in our Computing lessons and have also been using Stop Motion app (free to download) on the iPads and JIT, on School 360 resources, to create animations too.  Ask your children to explain onion-skinning!
It has been so lovely to see children's learning log homework coming in via Google Classroom and email- lots of School 360/crew points have been awarded! Did you know that children get an automatic point each day that they log on to School 360? The children were excited to be reminded of this as we worked out that they could be earning an extra 7 points per week for their puffin crew fairly easily!
In a single class where there may be 6 members from each crew, this can make all the difference when it comes to the overall winner each week.

As always, if you need to contact us about anything, our email addresses are:

Our allocated time to respond to emails is a Wednesday afternoon unless a matter is urgent.


Mrs Forsey & Mrs Graham

We would like to share some of the fun things we've done so far in Year 3 and we will add to this album as the year goes on...