Year Three

Dear Parents,
Here is our timetable for the current week.  It is also posted on our Google Classroom along with the resources and activities for each day.  We will highlight where there is a recorded or live session for you to watch.
The timetable reflects what we do in school and we hope it helps to give some structure to children working at home. However we do appreciate that routines and circumstances may be different at home and home learning can't replicate a normal school day.  Please get in touch if you are struggling at all so we can put any worries to rest.  
Mrs Graham and Mrs Forsey
January 2021
Dear families,
Our home learning and resources can be found on our Google Classroom.  Children can access this by signing into then clicking the 'classroom' button followed by 'year 3 2020-21'.  Each day we will post all the resources you need- just click on the 'classwork' button at the top and look for the correct date.  
We make a weekly timetable to show you what we are doing each day, and it contains some links to websites we are using as well. The children who are in school will be following the same timetable of activities.
We have created a presentation in Google Classroom where children can upload any work, photos, etc, to share with us and the other children. It is called "Year 3 Share Your Home Learning". 
If you have any questions, our email addresses are: (Mon-Wed) (Wed-Fri)
Enjoy your learning!
Mrs Forsey & Mrs Graham