Year Two

Hi. Welcome to Year 2 at Amble First School. I can't wait to tell you more about our exciting new curriculum. This has started this half term and the children helped to design it in their transition sessions with me.
If you would like to meet me at any point to discuss your child's transition into Year 2, wellbeing or progress please do not hesitate to get in touch.
I look forward to getting to know this fantastic class even better than I do already. I'm a very lucky teacher to have them.
Miss Gascoigne-Owens 
11.6.19 - Today we explored a range of science investigations because the class told me last week that they love science. We looked at how to make raisins dance, dancing sprinkles, static electricity and some STEM building challenges. On our next transition Tuesday, we are going to start exploring our new September curriculum. We have decided our first topic will be 'What Makes Amble Amazing?' so if you have any great ideas please send them my way!
18.6.19 - Today we looked at our September topic of 'What Makes Amble Amazing?' We explored a range of questions about our amazing town. The children then designed an Amble flag while thinking about the special things about Amble to draw on it. They had a chance to think about what they wanted to learn about. I particularly liked one child's question of 'What is on Coquet Island?' so we will definitely explore this in September. Some children were interested in when Amble started to be built so we will also look at Amble's history.
4.7.19 - Today we had a full day for transition between year groups. The new year two children have done lots of different activities including learning how to use Ozobots. They have looked at how we can work together as a team next year and have created displays about teamwork. We looked at teamwork in the film of Toy Story 4 and made our very own 'Forkie' character. We then wrote an adventure story about Forkie so that Miss G-O could see how well we write. We also did some maths tasks so Miss G-O could see our fabulous maths skills! Wow, what a busy day!
9.9.18 - The children have settled into Year 2 really well. We've worked a lot on place value in maths (understanding the size of numbers, how many tens and ones they have, comparing numbers etc). This morning the children represented 2 digit number using a range of practical equipment e.g. dienes, paint, numicon and place value counters.
In English we are looking at the story of the Enormous Crocodile to celebrate Roald Dahl Day on Friday. Don't forget the children can come dressed as a Roald Dahl character on Friday. I might have to get my Mr Fox costume out of the loft!  We are working hard to improve our handwriting and are practising every day. We are aiming to join, get the correct letter heights and remember finger spaces.
Today we went to see the Tour of Britain passing our school which was very exciting!
Today we had our beach school morning. We took videos and photos for our penpals in Gosforth so they could see how amazing Amble is. We created maps in the sand of our town and looked at materials in our environment. We are currently exploring materials as our science topic so if you could discuss materials as you walk to school that would be fantastic! In the afternoon we looked at the compass points of North, South, East and West and cleverly worked out that from Amble we know that the East is by the sea and Warkworth is in the North.
Today we explored adding and subtracting tens in maths. We had a shop sale to find out about subtracting 10p e.g. 86p-10p = 76p. The children cleverly spotted that the ones didn't change but the tens did.
In science we explored a range of bandages and plasters and discussed why they were made from that material. They used some really good scientific vocabulary including flexible, waterproof and absorbent. They stumped me out when discussing what micropore tape was so I had to look it up!
In Maths we follow the White Rose schemes of work which ensure are children have a well-rounded mastery approach to maths.
If you would like to look at the resources we use and the schemes of work you can see them on: