At Amble first School the teaching of Computing:

  • Helps children develop the skills they need to confidently use ICT for different purposes.
  • Encourages children to apply computational thinking approaches and creativity to solve problems.
  • Allows children to make links with mathematics, science and design and technology to deepen their learning and apply a broad range of skills.
  • Introduces children to computer science, understanding how computers work, and put this knowledge to use through programming.
  • Ensures children understand how to use technology safely, including how to stay safe online.


We follow the National Curriculum in England Computing programmes of study, which you can access below.  We use a variety of approaches to teaching such as use of unplugged, practical activities away from the computer to help children to understand new concepts or vocabulary well.  Children learn how to use a Chromebook and all children have access to the School 360 online learning platform.  In Key Stage 2 children are introduced to Google's education tools, including Google classroom, where they can collaborate on projects in school or from home.  We also like to make creative links to our topics and give our learning a clear purpose.  We have a number of iPads which are used for creative projects requiring special apps, and programmable devices (Beebots, Ozobots, Lego WeDo) which help children to understand how a program is carried out practically. 

National Curriculum Computing Programmes of Study

Throughout the year we take the opportunity to showcase our work in Computing through:

Our class assemblies
Themed weeks e.g. Safer Internet Day
Classroom displays
Topic drop-ins
Our class pages on the school website