Health and wellbeing

In the summer term 2019, we have been working hard on our core value of happiness and how to have strong mental health. The school council thought it would be a good idea to have a happiness day where pupils could experience lots of ways to help deal with the small feelings and the big feelings we sometimes have.

Respect, happiness and growth


Wellbeing at Amble First School

One in ten children and young people aged 5 to 16 have a clinically diagnosed mental health disorder.

At Amble First School we aim to proactively support children with possible mental health difficulties. Our school values of: Respect, Happiness and Growth underpin our clear focus on child wellbeing.

The culture at Amble First School promotes pupils’ positive emotional health and wellbeing by:

  • Having a whole-school approach to promoting respect towards each other, happiness within our given circumstances and having a growth mindset when our circumstances are challenging.
  • Having an ethos of high expectations and unceasing support.
  • Having a committed staff community that believes in every child.
  • Having pupil buddies that children can go to for support (play monitors, school council and puffin patrollers).
  • Working closely with pupils, parents and carers through early help assessments, team around the family meetings and regular parent drop in sessions.
  • Giving children additional support, when needed, through our trained Emotional Literacy Support Assistant.
  • Ensuring additional support is provided by external services where needed e.g. the school nurse team, CAHMS or counselling through the  Behaviour Support team.

We also have a proactive approach to ensuring every child feels safe and secure in our care.  We do this through:

  • Regular anti bullying assemblies and discussions.
  • Regular PSHE work and circle times ensuring every child understands their opinions and concerns are valid and will be listened to.
  • A concern ‘post box’ for the times that a child may wish to report a worry without doing so face to face.
  • Lucinda and Godfrey SRE sessions, including those that explore personal space and relationships.
  • Circle time and class stories exploring feelings and relationships.  
  • Using the school nurture room when needed for 1:1 sessions, ELSA or small group work.
  • Individual work stations for those children who require more personal space.
  • Clear expectations, rules and routines. Daily timetables are shared with the children and personal timetables are used where needed.

We aim to ensure that every child enjoys their time in school as we firmly believe this is a contributing factor to strong mental health. We also believe in ensuring our children develop an understanding of the wider world and develop high aspirations. We do this through:

  • A broad and balanced curriculum  (details of our curriculum are available on our school website).
  • Regular outdoor learning across the curriculum.
  • A termly Beach School opportunity.
  • Regular visitors from a variety of different career sectors.
  • Regular sporting opportunities within the Coquet Partnership of Schools.
  • Visiting theatre companies.
  • Regular educational visits.
  • Theme weeks and themed days.
  • Enterprise opportunities.
  • Extra curricular clubs.

At Amble First School we are also aware and vigilant about the wellbeing of our staff team. We firmly believe this leads to strong and positive staff who are able and enthusiastic about supporting each and every child in our school.

We care for our staff by:

  • Ensuring they have access to regular, focussed continuous professional development.
  • Supporting projects and personal development with performance management plans that are regularly reviewed.
  • Ensuring time is allocated to allow staff to lead their subject areas.
  • Ensuring they have dedicated planning, preparation and assessment time each week.
  • Having dedicated governors to monitor and support the leadership of subject areas.
  • Utilising the support of outside agencies to give advice regarding behaviour and special educational needs.
  • Ensuring that staff views are listened to with all teaching staff contributing to a collaborative School Development Plan.

At our school we realise that families can go through challenging times for many different reasons. We are committed to supporting parents and families through challenging circumstances. Parents are always welcome to come and discuss any concerns with the head teacher or with another member of staff and the school will always support where possible. Families may be sign posted to external support if this is appropriate. 


Wellbeing at Amble First School statement – November 2018.