Learn to fly

"Learn to fly"
Did you know, every year, thousands of unique, colourful puffins return to Coquet Island, Amble to nest? Every year, baby pufflings take their first flight from this very island to brave the Atlantic ocean..that is why we are proud to wear the puffin on our jumper and use this magnificent bird as the symbol of our school. 
Our school mission  “Learn to fly” reflects the brave and independent journey our pufflings make. Our core values of Respect, Happiness and Growth are the key ingredients for our passport to fly and we use this mission to encourage the children to reach their full potential in all areas of their school life and to prepare them for life beyond Amble First.
We believe that everyone at Amble First School can fly as high and as far as they like with the right attitude and support. 
We say:
"If you're ready to try, you're ready to fly"
Together we celebrate our strengths and learn from our mistakes.
This belief is part of everything we do to ensure we nurture independent learners who continue to fly, even when they leave the Amble First School nest!