Values to fly by

At the start of every week, we have our Values to Fly by assembly. As a whole school we:
  • Explore and strengthen our core values and our Puffin Code.
  • Respond to issues arising in school. This may be as a result of feedback or observations from parents, pupils, staff, governors or visitors. 
  • Respond to local and national themes and initiatives. We often have guest speakers for example, the NSPCC, the Blue cross, PC Darin.. 
  • Look to our futures and to inspiring and influencing our future journeys with guest speakers who talk to us about a range of jobs and careers. This academic year we have had, historians, actors, dentists and fire fighters to name a few..
Mrs Jackson works with the school council and the puffin patrollers to design, present or evaluate assemblies. We want our flying assembly to make a difference and support all pupils to have a positive journey at Amble First.
To support this, all classes leave assembly with a value to fly by challenge to display and focus on for the week. This is shared with parents, using Facebook and sometimes information leaflets are sent home or posters\ displays are put up. Pupils demonstrating the value are rewarded with puffin points or crew points and may receive a certificate from their peers or staff during celebration assembly.
Autumn Term 2021 
Our weekly values
Spring Term 2022
Our weekly Values
Summer 2022
Our weekly values