Year Four

Dear families,
Below you will find the remote learning timetable for Year Four. All of the learning activities are closely matched to tasks which children would usually be completing in school.  There is a mixture of paper based, online and discussion learning. By clicking on the blue hyperlink, it will take you straight to the online learning. Some lessons will be labelled PowerPoint. The PowerPoint slides will be shared on this page and on Google Classroom. Any paper based activites can be completed on plain paper or in your child's Learning Log. 
Please remember to take regular breaks and if you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
My email address is:
Year 4, I always love seeing your learning so remember you can post things on your Learning Journey on Google Classroom. 
Happy learning!
Dawn Hunter
Timetable for Spring term 2, week 2 w.c. 1st March
This week we are learning about International Women's Day. Each day we will have a new activity to complete about inspirational women from Northumberland. Look out for the art and writing competitions this week. There are super prizes to be won! 
Please note that we will have live meets at 11am each morning and at 2pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 
Resources for Monday 1st March
All the resources that you need for today are below. Remember, you can also access them on Google Classroom.
Please see the new timetable for any online links and live lessons. Year 4 will be meeting live at 11am every day and also at 2pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Remember, you can send me a message on Google Classroom if you have any questions.
Please save any work onto your Spring Home learning slides in Google Classroom and remember to press the "turn in" button.
Resources for Tuesday 2nd March
 Please join us at 11am for English and at 2pm for French 
Resources for Wednesday 3rd March
 Don't forget to join us at 11am for Wellbeing Wednesday and at 2pm for Science 
Resources for Thursday 4th March
 If you can, join us at 11am and 2pm for our live meets.
Resources for Friday 5th March
Well done, you've made it. Today is the last day of home learning! Please join us at 11am for our live meet if you can.