Year One

Dear Families,
I hope you are all safe and well.  A lot has changed in such a short period of time, which will no doubt be as unsettling to the children as it is to many of us.  I hope that when you read this you will let your children know that we are still here for them and thinking about them, albeit from a distance. 
I have been posting a little message each day on School 360 to check in with the children and say hello- they will see this on their home page when they log on. Don't worry, my source of awful jokes is now running low and will run out soon. If they haven't already, could you please get them to log into classroom which will allow them to see and respond to messages.  
You all received the home learning pack (No.1) and the children have probably attempted a fair few activities by now.  I have uploaded a copy of learning pack (No.2) for those ready for a new challenge. 
Please don't feel you need to be replicating a full school day.  I recommend doing small chunks of learning with regular breaks for fresh air and playtime.  Every child will cope differently in the circumstances- it may take time to settle into a routine that works for you all. If possible, plan a session of numeracy and literacy daily. 
If you have any concerns or issues please feel free to contact me via my email address supplied previously. 
Keep safe!
Mr Wonders

Hi. Welcome to Year 1 at Amble First School. I can't wait to tell you more about our exciting new curriculum. This will start in September and the children will be helping us design it during our transition sessions. 

If you would like to meet me at any point to discuss your child's transition into Year 1 please do not hesitate to get in touch, or book an appointment at the office.

I look forward to getting to know my new class; Mrs Donaldson has told me so many good things about them already. I 'm looking forward to an exciting year ahead, especially after their Amble's Got Talent performances!

 Mr Wonders 


 11.6.19 - Today was really an opportunity for the child to explore their new classroom so that they are happy coming to school in September. We look at some of their interests and things they would like to learn next year as well as creating a list of friends who will support their learning. On our next transition Tuesday, we are going to start exploring our new September curriculum. We have decided our first topic will be 'What Makes Amble Amazing?' so if you have any great ideas please send them my way!

 18.6.19 - Today we looked at our September topic of 'What Makes Amble Amazing?' We explored a range of questions about our amazing town. I particularly liked one child's answer of 'the people make Amble a nice place to live'. Some children were interested in when Amble started to be built so we will also look at Amble's history, “Did the Vikings or Dinosaurs visit Amble?”

 4.7.19 - Today we had a full day for transition between year groups. The new year one children have done lots of different activities in a structured morning session, what no play! They coped very well and worked extremely hard, I was very impressed with their writing and numeracy skills. We looked at how we can work together as a team next year and looked at some classroom rules which will make it a happy and respectful place to learn. In the afternoon we created displays ready for next term and eventually we found where the toys are kept, happy days!

In Maths we follow the White Rose schemes of work which ensure are children have a well-rounded mastery approach to maths.

If you would like to look at the resources we use and the schemes of work you can see them on:


Please see Literacy plan below for curriculum details.


Please see Year 1 timetable below which details how our daily learning will take place.
Please note that Cramlington Rockets will deliver a PE session on Wednesday afternoons (starting 11th September) so children should come dressed for PE on that day. Their second PE slot is Friday afternoon but no PE kit is required as we will be taking part in Yoga sessions.
We will try to keep to this set structure but there are lots of exciting things planned in the Autumn term, please see newsletters for details. 
Please see our Year 1 welcome booklet below for general information.