Year One

Summer 1
Sunflower pictures
The children used a fork to create a realistic Sunflower picture in paint.
They also used paper to create a 3D Sunflower picture.
Year 1 bird feeders 
Thanks to Julie for hanging our bird feeders outside the school.
George and the Dragon
Earth Day Activities
As well as learning about Earth Day and the impact of plastic pollution, Year 1 looked at ways that we could reuse plastic bottles.
We made:-
Catchers for use in the playground.
Bird feeders for the school yard.
Plant pots for the quiet garden.
Pencil pots for the classroom.
Summer 1 Home Learning Information 
World Book Day
The children dressed as their favourite character from a story. There were some brilliant costumes, well done everyone!
World Book Day
The children decorated potatoes as a character from a one of our school reading books.
Spring 1 Home Learning Log Information
Latest Spellings 
Autumn 2 Home Learning Information
Autumn 2 Week 5
Autumn 2 Week 4
In Numeracy this week we have been learning to represent 2 and 3 digit numbers using base 10.
Many thanks to Rebecca and Sophie (University students) for organising a Wednesday lunchtime club. This week the children had great fun practising their sports skills. 
Autumn 2 week 3
During anti-bullying week Year 1 looked at some behaviours which are not helpful in school, we said that we should "Just say NO to bullies" so that we had a friendly school.
We learnt a "Just say NO to bullies" song.
We have introduced a behaviour bucket in class to promote good behaviour in class.
We produced our "odd socks" to show why it is good to be different. 
Autumn 2 Week 1
Autumn 1 Home Learning Information
Year 1 - Week 8
In Art the children had great fun making Halloween decorations. 
They made paper chains for our spider webs, then used a photograph to make individual spiders.  
Well done Year 1, your Halloween costumes were fantastic!
Overall winners were:-
  • Cutest costume - Reggie 
  • Scariest costume - Alfie
  • Best costume - Rocco
Year 1 performed our "if you're grateful" song at the virtual Harvest Festival for Rev John and the whole school. 
Here is a chance to see your child taking part. 
As part of our Halloween Science activities the children made skeletons using different sized dog biscuits. 
Year 1 - Week 7
Message to parents from Year 1
Autumn 1 Rocket Race Final results and party
The children have all worked really hard in class this term. Here is the final placings in the race, as you can see we have had lots of children who have reached the finish!
We had a great party on Friday!
In Art we have been looking at work by Wassily Kandinsky. 
We created our own concentric circles picture in the style of Wassily Kandinsky to be displayed in class. 
Year 1 - Week 6
Autumn 1 Rocket Race Results
The children have worked really hard in class and they have really enjoyed our Rocket Race, receiving sweets and prizes along their journey!
This week Jack reached the finished, just ahead of Teddy and Zara! 
We will be planning a class party on Friday 16th October to celebrate the excellent behaviour and attitude to learning, demonstrated by everyone in class.
Well done!
I will publish a full list at the end of term so that you can see your child's progress in class. 
In RWI Mrs Brown's group enjoyed a lesson outside to practise their set 1 sounds, letter formation and spelling CVC words. 
Year 1 - Week 5
In Literacy we have been learning the story of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears".
Whilst the film crew is producing the final version, here is the rehearsal performance from this week, I hope you enjoy the show!
In Numeracy we have been using Base 10 (chips and peas) to increase our understanding of the number system. We were able to use the equipment to represent all 2 digit numbers.  
The children have been learning to count in 10s to 100 using the Jack Hartman videos on youtube. 
I think we may need a little more practise, why not try this as part of your homework! 
Year 1 - Week 4 
In Numeracy we have been learning through active maths activities, here are a few photographs to show the things we have been doing:-
  • Counting songs help us learn our numbers and the children enjoy copying the actions of Jack Hartmann, there are lots of videos available on youtube.  
  • Chalk writing is a great way to learn our number formation and teachers are able to check starting points, ending points, and direction.
  • Number square and number cards - randomly arrange number cards (use post-it notes) and direct children to race and find them, how many can they find in 30 seconds?
  • Bingo - download from Twinkl, great for number recognition. 
  • ICT - use Busy Things games to strengthen number knowledge. 
Year 1 - week 3
In ICT children have been trying to sign into School360 using their new passwords. Their first task is to change their avatar appearance as this demonstrates access to the system and good ICT skills.
Once into School360 you can gain access to some really good educational resources in Busy Things, simply select the resources box on the home screen and select the Busy Things (monster), we will be using Key Stage 1 and Year 1 resources in class. 
If you haven't already done so, could all parents support their children to try and log on as soon as possible. This will be very important as School360 will be one of the methods we will use to support learning from home in the case of self-isolation or lockdown. 
Please remember to supervise use of the internet at all times, we will also cover internet safety over the next few weeks in class.
Many thanks 
Colin Wonders
In Art we have been looking at work by Piet Mondrian. He painted abstract art using the primary colours red, yellow and blue with white and bold black lines.
We created our own Superheroes in the style of Piet Mondrian to be displayed in class. 
In Literacy we have been practising our letter names and sounds by singing the Jack Hartmann song available on you tube. This helps us link the name to the sound, and emphasises the correct sound pronunciation, apart from the American letter Zee.
Why not use this as a home learning activity?
Year 1 - week 2
During reading week the children really enjoyed looking at a range of different stories in class.
They liked our book scavenger hunt where they needed to find different things in their books to win points. For example, does you book have a witch in it, or does it have a superhero?
This week's lego challenge was to make a character from the Mr Men stories we have been reading in class or have watched on youtube.
The joint winners were Jack who made an excellent Mr Tickle with long arms, and Zack who made a brilliant Mr Bump with a white bandage around his head. Fantastic thinking skills!   
Year 1 - week 1
Dear Parents,
I hope you have enjoyed the Summer holidays and the children are excited to be returning to school on Wednesday 2nd September 2020.
Just to make you aware there have been some changes to our PE schedules in school so it is the intention to complete 2 PE sessions on a Monday and Friday afternoon. On these days can your children come to school dressed ready for PE but also wearing their school jumpers.
Many thanks
Mr Wonders

Dear families, 

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to have our proper transition lessons to get to know each other before you start in Year 1 in September. Don’t worry as Mrs Donaldson has been telling me all about you and I can't wait to meet you as your new teacher, I’m sure we will have great fun!

Mrs Donaldson will be ringing you soon to arrange a time to come into school on Monday 6th July to collect your Reception books and school report. I will be there to say hello and collect any “tell us all about you” sheets which Mrs Bruce has mentioned in the school assembly video (29th June 2020), this information will be most helpful when preparing of our learning topics.

Our first topic in September will be “What makes me amazing?” Have a think about some of the amazing things you have already learnt in Reception and any special skills or talents you would like to show me when you join me in Year 1. I can’t wait to see my superheroes in action.  

Just in case you may have any worries about moving up into Year 1, those feelings are quite natural, so please talk to me or a parent, and I’m sure we can sort it out together.

My email address is , please contact me if you wish to discuss any concerns or worries before coming back to school.

I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.  

Colin Wonders

Year 1 - General information