Year Three

Monday 29th June 2020
Hello Year 3! We are rapidly coming towards the end of the school year, but never fear, we have not run out of exciting learning for you to do at home!
For the next couple of weeks I'd like you to learn about COMPUTATIONAL THINKING SKILLS. This does not mean thinking like a computer, because we know computers don't have brains to think with! We have to program computers. Computational thinking skills are tools we humans can use to solve problems or carry out tasks, whether on a computer or in real life.
They sound a bit complicated at first but don't worry, you will discover you actually use these skills in a lot of different situations every day! I know I never write a story without planning out each part of the story, the characters, setting, beginning, middle and end (decomposition!) and I use algorithms when baking my cakes (following steps/instructions).
I have attached a variety of 'MINI MISSIONS' for you to try in which you will use:
-logic (to predict and analyse/think deeply about something)
-decomposition (breaking something down into smaller more manageable parts)
-abstraction (summarising what's important/leaving out unnecessary details) -finding patterns (spotting similarities between things) -evaluation (making judgements)
-algorithms (making steps/instructions and rules)
So have a go, making sure you choose activities from each skill area! These are all things that can be done without a computer (unplugged). But I know how much you have enjoyed computing this year so I am also sharing an exciting Scratch project with you.
Click on the link below to begin to create your own virtual rock band in Scratch. The project guides you through the process step by step- you can even tick off each step as you complete them. I had a go myself and it was really fun! We would love to hear how you get on with these activities so please let us know by sharing on Google Classroom. And if you think of any other examples of when we use these computational thinking skills in real life, let me know!
Mrs Graham and Mrs Forsey :-)
Maths for week beginning 29.06.20
Spelling Practice
See below for how your child can practice their spellings online.
Monday 15th June - Good morning Year 3!
We hope you've all had a lovely weekend. Here is the learning log menu for the next 2 weeks. Choose as few or as many tasks as you like. Before you start, read through the Fairtrade information powerpoint above.
Remember to try and have a go at the Big 5 each day too. If anyone has trouble opening or downloading the files, just drop us an email and we can send them to you.
Mrs Forsey & Mrs Graham
Here are the maths sheets for this week- the final fractions instalment! 
The lesson presentation videos can be found here and Bitesize lessons can be found here
Please get in touch if you need printed copies.
Previous maths lessons