Year Two

Dear families, 
Moving up to a new class is very different this year and I'm so sorry that we can't have some proper transition lessons like you did with Mr Wonders last year. Mr Wonders has been telling me all about you and I can't wait until you are in Year 2. You sound like an amazing class! We'll be unstoppable together! 
This has been a really tough time for everyone. Everybody has had their own challenges during lockdown. I hear you've been trying really hard and have been doing your very best. Well done! Your parents have done an amazing job of home schooling you during this period. You've been brilliant under  extremely hard circumstances. 
2020 will always be remembered. That is for sure! 
You may have worries about moving up into Year 2. Please talk to me about these worries or you can talk to a parent, Mr Wonders or Mrs Brown. My email address is on your Google Classroom and I'm happy to discuss any concerns and hopefully ease your worries. I'm happy to help in any way I can. I wish I could change this situation for you all. None of us wanted 2020 to be so hard but we've nearly made it to the summer holidays and you should all be extremely proud of yourselves: parents and children. 
Many thanks for all you are doing and please let me know if I can help in any way. 
I am thinking of you all and I can't wait until you are all in Year 2. 
Miss Gascoigne-Owens
In Maths we follow the White Rose schemes of work which ensure are children have a well-rounded mastery approach to maths.
If you would like to look at the resources we use and the schemes of work you can see them on: