Looking after yourselves during Covid19

It is very challenging having your children under one roof for a sustained period of time. Here are some resources which will hopefully help you look after the whole family.
The hyperlinks
Click here for a kids fact sheet about Coronavirus.

Click here for the NSPCC website. There are a wealth of tips for parents to deal with working from home, coping with lockdown and taking care of mental health.

Click here to download an e– book about Coronavirus drawn by the Gruffalo illustrator.

Click here for a video explaining mental health to children. We use this video clip in school to help us understand how to cope with small and big feelings.

Click here to watch kids explain to kids how to cope with lockdown in a Newsround video clip






Wise words from our school nurse Jane about how to deal with Coronavirus with the kids.
 Listen together to Mrs Brown reading the Invisible String by Patrice Kurst. It is a lovely way to reassure children of the unbreakable connections between loved ones.