At Amble first School the teaching of RSE and PSHE:
* Helps children to make sense of the world around them and teaches them how to be happy and stay safe in it. 
* Helps children to explore their relationships and how to build and maintain positive, respectful and caring friendships. 
* Helps children to understand online relationships and how to stay safe using technology. 
* Helps children to explore families and helps them to understand that everybody's family is unique. 
* Supports children to understand body changes and mental health. 
* Helps children to understand why and how bullying can occur and what support is available if anybody has worries about this. 
When exploring health education our intent is: 
* For children to understand that big and small feelings are a normal part of life and there is support from many sources to help with them. 
* For children to understand the importance of exercise and to find enjoyment in it by giving a variety of sporting opportunities. 
* For children to develop healthy food choices. 
* For children to understand the risks involved in relation to drugs, medications, alcohol and tobacco. 
* For children to learn basic first aid skills and to understand why this might be important. 
We follow planning from the PSHE Association with some resources from the Lucinda and Godfrey scheme of work. It is progressive and learning builds throughout the years. We have developed progressive vocabulary for each year group. Our PSHE planning is available on the RSHE section of our school website. 
We use the amazing skills of our ''supernanny'' school nurse to support pupils and parents with physical and mental health questions. 
We have many sports clubs and opportunities to allow children to find an exercise they enjoy. 
We offer ELSA support for those children who may benefit from it. We have regular times dedicated to mental health including: PSHE lessons, assemblies, school nurse sessions, themed days and story sessions. 
To help support our work towards children understanding the world around them, we successfully worked towards achieving the Silver SMSC Quality Mark. We always have the care of our pupils at heart. This has helped us to develop our school values of: Respect Happiness and Growth. These values are a core part of who we are and what we do.