At Amble first School the teaching of Science:
* Helps children to make sense of the world around them. 
* Helps children to see the importance of science and how scientists have led to huge developments in our country and around the world. 
* Encourages our children to ask and seek answers to lots of questions about how and why things work. 
* Helps to develop a strong science capital within our children. 
* Links strong scientific skills with secure knowledge. 
We follow the National Curriculum for Science with some resources from the Kent Scheme of work. The National Curriculum sets out the statutory programmes of study for each year group from Year 1 to Year 4. It is progressive and learning builds throughout the years. 
The link to this information can be found here:
Thinking and linking our science knowledge and understanding is part of the bigger picture at Amble First school. We hold science days every year where working scientifically is explored in different ways. Working scientifically objectives are displayed in the children's books so that they can see where their science journey will go over their time at Amble First School. The children use self assessment to assess themselves against the working scientifically objectives as we feel working scientifically is the foundation of good scientific learning. 
We have had several careers assemblies that have included people who studied or use science for their careers including the Amble Dental Group and people in the local fishing community. 
Our aim for this year is to use our regular beach school sessions to support our learning in science. We look forward to the challenge!