Online Safety

Welcome to our Online Safety page! 
There is no denying that the Internet is a huge part of our lives and is widely accessed by children through different technologies. In light of this, it is important that we understand how to keep our children safe from harm whilst also equipping them with the skills they need to keep themselves safe.
Should you have any concerns or questions about online safety we would encourage you to share these with school. These can be submitted anonymously if you wish. 
Talking to your child – openly, and regularly – is the best way to help keep them safe online. Click here for tips on starting the conversation with your child about staying safe online, and what to do if you're at all worried about online safety.
Whilst discussing online safety regularly with our children, we also post relevant information and articles on our Facebook page and we now share a termly online safety newsletter which can be accessed below. 
Useful Websites
There is a wide range of website that provide advice, support and information on different aspects of online safety. 
Useful Guides
The National Online Safety website produce lots of useful guides which help parents and carers to learn more about different apps and websites that children may be using. They also offer helpful advice on how to manage children's screen time and how to support them if they are exposed to upsetting or disturbing content. 
Safer Internet Day
Each year as part of SID, children across the school get involved in a variety of activities to learn about key aspects of online safety such as online identity, consent and relationships. However, we also learn about online safety throughout the whole year because we know it is so important. For further information about Safer Internet Day, please see the link below.