We are passionate about all our pupils achieving their best in Maths. 

We know Maths is an essential skill that supports everyday life:

  • Telling the time

  • Money- spending, budgeting, saving

  • Calculations 

  • Weights and measures

  • Estimation

We know our pupils achieve best when they are:

  • Fluent at recalling number bonds

  • Fluent at recalling times tables

  • Continuing to grow and apply their vocabulary 

  • Confident to approach mathematical problems

  • Using a range of strategies to solve problems

  • Explaining the steps that solved the problem

  • Using their reasoning skills to explore problems in depth

  • Consistently working to achieve mastery in all areas of Maths.


We follow the National Curriculum year group requirements and programmes of study and use the White Rose schemes of learning to ensure progression and breadth of study.