At Amble First School the teaching of Music:
  •  engages and inspires pupils to develop a love of music
  •  supports and develops pupils talent as musicians
  •  increases pupils self confidence and creativity in relation to music
  •  gives pupils opportunities to listen to a rich and varied range of genres and talk about their preferences. 
  • introduces pupils to the works of composers and musicians.
  • allows pupils to use their voices as well as creating and composing pieces independently and as part of a group.  
We follow the National Curriculum programmes of study for key stages 1 and 2, supported by the use of the resource 'Charanga.'  We are also members of 'Sing up' an online resource which provides a varied song bank, music for performances and lesson plans covering a range of topics and curriculum areas.  
As well as children exploring music in lessons pupils are also encouraged to take part in performances as a whole school, key stages, classes and as individuals.  Pupils all join in weekly singing assemblies where we celebrate key events such as Harvest, Christmas and Easter, learn songs related to our topic and school ethos of respect, happiness and growth as well as celebrating individual pupil talents.