Parent View

Parent view - response
We were delighted as a school to hear 100% of parents who responded agreed their children were safe and happy. This is our main aim and we feel we put a lot of continued effort into this area. This goes hand in hand with question 10 "The school responds well to any concerns I raise." In a small, community school like ours we aim to speak to all parents promptly about concerns and offer the right level of support. All of our class teachers are on hand at the beginning and end of the school day to manage classroom day to day concerns. Appointments can be made to see your class teacher or Acting headteacher, Mrs Hunter, if you wish to speak about a confidential or more serious worry.  This can be done by phoning the school, calling into the main office or by catching Mrs Hunter on the school gate!
We were delighted that 100 % of parents who responded agreed children are well taught and that pupils make good progress. We have worked hard since our Ofsted in July 2017 to address the quality and variability of teaching. We believe we offer a "good" and better standard of teaching in 2019 and we are pleased you agree!
Our pupils have driven our school behaviour policy. They invented our vision "Learn to fly" and encourage each other, daily, with our never give up attitude "If you learn to try, you learn to fly." They live by our core values of "Respect, happiness and growth." We share our "values to fly by" every Monday in Assembly and try to live these out in everything we do. Our school council present awards each week for pupils who have excelled in demonstrating these values. They enforce daily vigilance thanks to our Puffin patrollers and their Puffin code:
Friendly and forgiving
Free to speak up
No to bullying
Thanks to the children who have fully embraced our mission to have a community that learns and grows together, our parents agree that pupils are well behaved.
For those parents who don't know whether homework is appropriate for their pupils age or or unsure or unhappy about the level of information you receive about your child's progress, here is how we might address this:
In this last Summer Term 2, 2019, we are holding transistion sessions every week to introduce your child to their new teacher\s. We are also holding welcome meetings for parents (see newsletter for dates and time) where we will share information about our expectations for pupils in their new year group, including homework. We will hold individual parent meetings for any parents of pupils with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities or any parent with further concerns following the welcome meeting.
Reports will also be sent out this term with an invitation for any parent to make an appointment with class teachers if you want to discuss pupil progress in any more detail.