Reception - Mrs Donaldson

Welcome to our Reception class page!
At Amble First School our Reception class is also known as 'the fabulous flamingos!' 
In Reception we love to learn! 
We share achievements and hard work with families using the tapestry online learning journal.  We hope our learning journeys will be supported at home and parents are encouraged to add information about home adventures and activities, as well as our learning log challenges, using the tapestry app.  
Each week the children in Reception are asked to complete one learning log activity linked to our current topic.  Children are also giving 'sharing stories' or reading books to practise their reading skills at home.  We ask that children read for at least 5 minutes every day.  We also send home information about the sounds and phonics work the children have completed in class during the week so this can be practised at home too!
We ask that reading books are brought into school to be changed every Monday and Friday.
We ask that learning log homework is uploaded to tapestry by a Monday morning.
Children are also invited to share information about their learning and any adventures from home on tapestry as we love to share these in class!
Our Curriculum
Each half term we have a different topic that we focus our learning on.  We follow the Foundation Stage Curriculum (Development Matters) and are working towards achieving the Early Learning Goals by the end of the year. 
We aim to follow the children's interests and adapt our planning and learning to ensure the children are engaged and interested in their learning.  
Summer 2
Our topic this half term is 'What can you see under the sea?'  In this topic we will be exploring ocean life, thinking about creatures that live locally to us and those that live in countries further away.  We will also be thinking about the people who help us at the beach and coastline as well as making a visit to our own local beach!
Our PE days this half term will be TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY.
Summer 1
Our topic this half term is 'Where does our food come from?'  We will be exploring farms thinking about the food we eat and the animals and plants this comes from, thinking about how they grow and what they need to survive.  Our PE days this half term will be a Thursday and a Friday.  
Spring 2
Our topic this half term is 'How does your garden grow?'  we will explore plants around us, plants we need and how plants grow.  We will also be thinking about Easter and how this is celebrated in different parts of the world. 
Our PE days will continue to take place on a Tuesday and Thursday.  Please make sure children come to school in their PE kit on these days and no earrings are worn.
Reading books will be changed every Monday and Friday
Learning logs tasks should be uploaded vis tapestry by Friday. 
Spring 1
Our topic this half term is 'What happens in Winter?'  During this topic we will be exploring winter stories such as 'Frog in Winter', finding out about very cold places such as the Arctic and learning how animals adapt to survive in these environments.  
Our PE days this half term will be Tuesday and Thursday.
Reading books will continue to be changed every Monday and Friday.  
Autumn 2
Our topic for this half term is 'What happens when I fall asleep?'  In this topic we will be exploring the sky at night, talking about nocturnal animals and thinking about special celebrations at this time of year!
Our PE days this half term will be every Tuesday and Thursday.
Sharing stories will continue to be sent home every Monday and Friday.  Please ensure any reading is recorded in your child's reading record.  
Autumn 1
In Autumn 1 our topic title is 'What makes me special?'
This half term our PE days are on a Tuesday and Friday.  
Sharing stories will be sent home regularly, we ask for these to be brought back to school every Monday and Friday to be changed.  
Dear Parents, please find a copy of the presentation shared during our recent Meet the Teacher event.  We hope you find this useful.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions.